Dear lavender, please help me sleep

Dear lavender, please help me sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep might influence your day more than you realise. When we sleep well we smile more, think better, are more patient and tolerant, and so on. Sleeping well is essential to your mood and wellbeing as well as to how you deal with the world around you.

There are plants that have been used for hundreds of years for their therapeutic properties, like lavender. At least since medieval periods, lavender has been a source of drugs as well as perfumes, soaps, flavourings, and crafts. Lavender has a long history of medicinal use and is suggested to possess anticonvulsant, anti-depressive, anxiolytic, sedative, and calming properties.

Scientific research suggests lavender as an excellent natural remedy to treat insomnia and improve the sleep quality. Lavender is commonly employed in aromatherapy (inhalation of lavender), aromatherapy massage, dripping oil, and bathing.

Here’s a list of suggestions on how to turn lavender into your ally for a good night of sleep:

  1. Place a Bio Scents organic lavender sachet next to your pillow;

  2. Pouring a few drops of Lavender Oil onto your pillow is how the majority of people use Lavender Oil to help them to sleep. However, to avoid staining your sheets and bedding you can put the drops on a handkerchief or facecloth placed over the pillow.

  3. Give yourself a foot massage with some Bio Scents Lavender Body oil before bed. According to The Alternative Daily, our feet are home to some of the largest pores on our body. It is because these openings are so large that essential oils are able to quickly pass through layers of skin and release their benefits into the body more efficiently that way than, say, if you were to apply them to your palms.

  4. Originally intended for aromatherapy, an increasing number of people have recognised the many benefits of using Lavender Oil in a diffuser. Diffusing this scent in your bedroom approximately one hour before your bedtime, should allow you to drift into a relaxing sleep.

Now go ahead and give it a try, see what works best for you and let us know the results. Wishing you a relaxing night’s sleep!

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