Casting away period pain with essential oils

Natural remedy menstruation pain relief

Every month, people with periods not only have to face the normal challenges of day to day life but also deal with the crazy mood swings and changes in your body caused by the not-so-practical event of menstruation. And I haven’t even mentioned the worst – the pain. Some people have it worse than others (and please consult your doctor if you feel a lot of pain) but pain, even if just a little bit, is something we don’t need more of in our lives.

Don’t get me wrong, menstruation is probably the most undervalued aspect of someone’s life. It’s a result of the gift of creation, it allows for continual cycles of renewal and it is what allows us to connect with nature like no one else can. From the traditional medicine to the esoteric view over what periods are, the conclusion is always pretty magical.

Ideally, we would be given time to take much needed rest during this time of the month, but it’s not always possible. We are expected to work and always be on top of our game, so to be able to keep up with this rhythm, we try and numb the pain with pills.

The good news is that there are natural alternatives! Bio Scents essential oils might just be what you need to help you deal with menstrual discomfort in the most natural way possible.

Here is a selection of the best ways to use Bio Scents essential oils for period pain relief:

  1. Bio Scents Cinnamon Essential Oil

Cinnamon essential oil is a great antispasmodic, which means that its properties calm and reduce uterine contractions and therefore alleviate menstrual pain. Add 4 drops of Bio Scents Cinnamon essential oil to a litre of hot water, soak a small towel or cloth in the mix, remove the excess water and apply it to your lower abdomen area. Remove the towel when it’s cold. You can also dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil and rub it on your lower abdomen.

  1. Bio Scents Lavender Body Oil

Known for its analgesic and sedative properties, lavender is perfect not just for pain relief but also to help you calm down and relax during your period. Rub some Bio Scents Lavender Body Oil on your lower abdomen area and feel your body relax.

  1. Bio Scents Ylang Ylang Body Oil

This is for all of us that get stressed AF during our period. Ylang ylang essential oil is used to reduce pain and treat inflammation but, most importantly in this case, it’s great to reduce anxiety and depression. Also, it’s a libido enhancer which I’m sure will improve your mood. Apply Bio Scents Ylang Ylang Body Oil on your belly and breathe in its exotic scent.

  1. Bio Scents Mint & Eucalyptus Body Oil

Last but not least, Bio Scents Mint & Eucalyptus Body Oil is just what you need to relieve the pain and boost your energy. Eucalyptus essential oil has analgesic properties while peppermint will ease your headache and help you feel reinvigorated.

We’re looking forward to know which one of these recommendations works best for you. Let us know if you have any secret tips and recipes to help us with our cycles.

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