Pregnancy and essential oils – how to use them

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Pregnancy is a wonderful process and it seems only natural to reach for the support of your favourite essential oils in this delicate time of your life. Essential oils are really effective and potent and therefore a popular natural remedy. However, for those same reasons, they are not all harmless. We have our favourite essential oils for different reasons, but many of these potent herbs have multiple properties and effects on the body. For example, clary sage is fantastic to relieve stress but it’s also a great way to get a labour started since it provokes uterine contractions. So, it’s best to always be cautious and, well-informed, and seek professional medical advice before using essential oils during pregnancy.

We have put together some suggestions on how to use essential oils during pregnancy and a list of what to avoid.

For nausea and sickness: Nausea and sickness are well-known and very uncomfortable occurrences in pregnancy. You can try Bio Scents Peppermint essential oil, Bio Scents Lemon and Bio Scents Sweet orange essential oils to reduce the feeling of nausea by. Inhaling the essential oils directly from the bottle, for a period of (no longer than) 5 minutes every hour.

For heavy legs and muscle pain: Your body is constantly changing during pregnancy, your legs might feel heavy and you might feel some muscle pain too. To ease the discomfort, rub Bio Scents Lavender body oil to get some relief for your discomfort and muscle pain.

For emotional support: During pregnancy the changes are not just in the body, the hormonal changes can set us on an emotional storm too. Try adding Bio Scents ylang ylang essential oil to a diffuser, to your bath water or inhale the essential oil directly from the bottle for a period of (no longer than) 5 minutes every hour.
To improve sleep:  If you’re having trouble sleeping, try adding some drops of Bio Scents Lavender essential oil to your diffuser and turn it on in your bedroom for a few minutes before you go to bed. You can also apply some Bio Scents Lavender Body Oil on the sole of your feet before bed. Have a look at (link for the sleeping well article). 

For labour: Labour is probably the most beautiful and intense experience one can go through. Consider using essential oils to help you navigate this experience the most blissful way possible. Set up a diffuser in your room with Bio Scents organic sweet orange essential oil for anxiety and stress relief. Bio Scents Clary sage essential oil will help you reduce tension and stimulate contractions, blend with a calming essential oil like Bio Scents lavender essential oil

These essential oils and body oils might decrease some of your pregnancy discomforts, but make sure you double check with your doctor before using any of the above-mentioned essential oils. Essential oils to avoid during pregnancy: fennel, clary sage, marjoram, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, clove, cumin, aniseed, fennel, sweet birch, wintergreen, basil, birch, camphor, hyssop, mugwort, pennyroyal, parsley, tansy, tarragon, thuja, and wormwood.




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