About us

Based in the south of Portugal, Bio Scents founder Emilie and a small team of women is hand bottling, pouring, packaging and shipping our range of natural fragrance products every day!

With so many chemical, plastic wrapped and bad quality products on the market, we aim to provide high quality and sustainable fragrance products for home & body, and to proudly offer full transparency about the wonderful natural ingredients we use.

Our products are all 100% natural, vegan-friendly, sustainable, as plastic free as possible, and cruelty-free. They will always be shipped to customers & stockists completely plastic free.


We try our best to source our raw ingredients as close by as possible but also to get them from where they grow naturally or natively. We also use plastic free and recyclable/compostable packaging wherever we can. Not all of our products are currently 100% plastic free, but we are constantly on the lookout for alternatives to find a way to replace or reuse the plastic parts.

What are we currently improving?

We have just launched our body oil refill bottles so the plastic pump + bamboo cap can be reused, and we have introduced compostable bags this summer for our lavender sachets.


We are always keen to get feedback to further improve our products, so by all means let us know if you have an idea, a comment, a concern or a compliment to share with our team! You can tag us @bio.scents or email us at info@bio-scents.com