Lavender Fragrance Sachets - Purple


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LAVENDER SACHETS (Origin: Provence, France)

Our Lavender: Our organic dried Lavender comes from Provence, France. The lavender flower is the chalice that is separated from the stem. The lavender flower has a blue/purple color and is the carrier of the essential oil that give them their sweet aroma. The lavender fields that our lavender is grown on, are between 600 and 1400 meters above sea level, creating the best condition for high quality lavender to grow. 

Fragrance: Our organic dried lavender has a flowery and sweet aroma. 


No additives: No artificial fragrances and colorants have been added, it contains only organic dried lavender.

Uses: The Lavender flower has been long known to be soothing, relaxing, supporting a good night sleep. The sachets can be used to lay under a pillow, to fragrance a sock drawer/closet and acts as a natural moth and mosquito repellent.


Note: This product is not suitable for ingestion.